Railfans, Modelers and Everyone who enjoys great railroad photography:


We are offering prints made from our slide collection printed on high quality ink jet printers.

Note: The old Epson 870 has been replaced with a Canon Pixma iP6600D - a far better printer in my opinion. I have recently added a Canon Pro 9000 Mk II which can print up to 13x19 size prints.


You can see these photos at http://algomacentral.railfan.net


Slides from the above website are available in 8x10 and 4x6 (approx. size) prints. I also have a lot of roster shots taken over the last 50 years, too many to post here, so if you are looking for a shot of a certain locomotive or railroad, just ask and I may have it. This would be very handy for modeling a specific engine, railroad or era. Most of the slides are on a database, so I should be able to find them quickly. 

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 We also will scan your own slides onto CD-ROM or DVD disks. Info here.


NEW! Here are some non-railroad (!) photos I've taken years and years ago around Upper Michigan and Northern Ontario, including some of Michigan Tech taken in the late 1960's.

As time and ambition permits, I will also add some Arizona photos, mostly of desert scenery and old ghost towns.


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DVD Videos from my collection of Super VHS camcorder tapes.....

Update...the DVD project has been put on hold indefinitely account piracy concerns. While copying of video tapes was not a big deal (account the degradation of VHS copies generation to generation) it is of course very easy to make perfect copies of un-protected (and protected) DVD's. The cost of licensing a copy prevention program (i.e. Macrovision or similar) is way too high for a project like this account the likely very small number of sales! Sorry....but that is the reality these days.


E-Mail us at:  Desert-Rails (at) cox.net

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