Copper Country Scenery Photos 

Here are some photos taken around the Copper Country while I was a student at Michigan Tech. Any corrections regarding locations are more than welcome!


Following are 6 photos of the "Enders M Voorhees" ore carrier headed westbound to the Lakehead. The photos were taken from the Copper Range Railroad Station parking lot.

It was a nice clear early November 1969 afternoon when I heard the ship's whistle as it was headed westbound past the campus. I highballed down to the lift bridge to get these photos. November 6, 1969.
Just after I got there the bridge started to raise up to clear the ore boat. November 6, 1969.
The "Enders M. Voorhees" is just starting to pass the lift bridge. November 6, 1969.
The late afternoon sun gives good lighting to the ship. November 6, 1969.
The bridge is already starting to lower as the ship clears up. November 6, 1969.
The Enders M. Voorhees is westbound towards the Lakehead for another load of iron ore, 26000 tons more..... November 6, 1969.


 Here are 12 photos taken May 8, 1971 showing the effects of the spring runoff and snow melt. I do not remember exactly where these photos were taken - if anyone recognizes the area please let me know! I think it was north of Hancock towards the west or north towards Copper Harbor.

Just a nice pleasant scene somewhere in the Copper Country. May 8, 1971.
A sign of things to come....high water roaring down the hill sides as the heavy snow cover is melting fast in the warm May sun. May 8, 1971.
Driving along we came to this scene....another flood had washed out the road as the snowmelt headed to Lake Superior. This could have been caused by a beaver dam giving way. May 8, 1971.
Looking the other way from the above scene. May 8, 1971.
Jack Pelton is checking out the road damage. May 8, 1971.
However, more than just the road was damaged here....the Northern Motel suffered from the high water as it rushed to the lake. May 8, 1971.
Another view of the motel....a quick search did not find any mention of this place still in business. I doubt that this building could have been saved or rebuilt. May 8, 1971.
Same as above. May 8, 1971.
Same as above. May 8, 1971.
Jack Pelton looks over the scene at the washed out motel. May 8, 1971.
Another view of the road damage. May 8, 1971.
Jack Pelton, ? and Glen Johns are looking around. May 8, 1971.


NEW! Here are some miscellaneous photos of the Copper Country.

It was a cold October day in 1971 out along Lake Superior....I don't remember where I took this photo!
Even though I don't remember where these photos were taken, I still remember the cold winds of late fall ....
The surf was pounding in....and the cold was a sign of the coming winter season.
In April of 1969 I took this night time exposure from the Hancock side.
Looking towards the campus - April 1969.
Looking east from up on a hill from Hancock. May 8, 1971.
On the way out to a house party at Freda I got these photos of a rare steel dam at Redridge. May of 1968.
Here is a link for more info on this dam: and also here: May of 1968.
This was the smaller, original dam that was replaced by the Steel Dam. It has since been partly removed by the Michigan DEQ. May of 1968.
More abandoned stuff around Redridge. May of 1968.

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